Best day trips from Budva

Day trips from Budva

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When you are in this magnificent Mediterranean town, there is enough to see and do.

But if you want to visit nearby towns, this is our top picks.

Sveti Stefan

A five-minutes drive south from Budva will bring you into the scenic town of S...

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How to get to Budva

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There are several ways to visit Budva.

We recommend the following ones.

By Car

Budva is closely joined to the E80 that's among the key roads in Montenegro. From Dubrovnik, there's a travel distance of 94 kilometers, such as a sweeping with the regul...

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Best beaches in Budva

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With a rich history and culture, gorgeous golden beaches, Budva is a hidden gem of breathtaking beauty.

We present you the best beaches in this town where you can relax in the Montenegrin sun.


Jaz Beach, with its own beaches and pebbly coa...

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What to do in Budva

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Old town

Budva's old city is among the oldest settlements around the Adriatic Sea. At approximately 2,500 years old it is a stunning and historic settlement. A wander through town shows ancient palaces and churches, all crafted out of the local gray rock. Facing Budva Citadel, the remai...