Budva - Jewel of the southern Adriatic

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Budva - Jewel of the southern Adriatic

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Budva is the jewel of the southern Adriatic and Montenegro. It is the oldest town in the eastern Adriatic. It was already mentioned back in the 5th century. Today it has 15.000 inhabitants.

Because of the atmospheric old town and the nice beaches it is a popular holiday destination. As so many other places development is growing way too rapidly and is taking the charm away. No less than a 27-storey hotel has been approved. Holiday makers from Russia and Ukraine have invaded Budva and the nouveau rich park their multimillion dollar yachts in the guarded marina. If you think you will enjoy the sound of the waves at the beach, think again. You will most likely hear concrete mixers and construction work.

The old town of Budva is a mini-Dubrovnik with its cobbled streets and Venetian Wall. It is more like a museum than a town. There are not as many residents as there are bars, restaurants and shops. Having said that I had a great lunch at the Budva Juice Bar. Just a little further up the street is a wonderful bakery, where they sell the famous cherry pie and many other delicious pastries. They also have crepes with the filling your heart might desire (sweet and salt). At the opposite end of the main gate is the citadel. Next to a small museum and a library there is a fantastic view of the Stari Grad and the coast. In the square in front of the citadel you´ll find four interesting churches. Unfortunately only one is open.

The old town is simply gorgeous with its romantic atmosphere.


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